10 Best Calcium-Rich Foods

Our body needs calcium for healthy bones. Not only that, calcium is also very important for proper functioning of our nerves and muscles. Here are some high calcium foods you should definitely include in your diet!

1. Oranges and Tangerines

Loaded with 43 mg of the recommended 1,000 to 2,000 mg daily intake for the average person, oranges and tangerines also contain a powerful amount of vitamin C and that makes them an excellent choice.

2. Dried Apricots

As if their delicious taste wasn’t enough, dried apricots contain 5mg of calcium in a 100g serving. A perfect choice for everyone, but especially hikers, bikers, and campers.

3. Kiwi

This tropical fruit looks rejuvenating because it is. Kiwi provides 34 mg of calcium per 100g serving. To put that into perspective, a single cup contains 60 mg.

4. Dates

Dates are a tasty treat and each date contains around 15 mg of calcium.

5. Dried Figs

Dried figs may be the best fruit source of calcium there is? At 241 mg of calcium per cup and 13 mg per each individual fig, on average, a small serving of dried figs can go a long way in achieving the goal of adequate calcium intake.

6. Rhubarb

A New York court decided in 1947 that rhubarb, then labeled a vegetable, could be considered a fruit. Despite the identity crisis, what’s solid is rhubarb as a calcium source, containing 348 mg of calcium in a single cup.

7. Prickly Pears

An exotic treat, prickly pears, also known as red tunas, contain 58 mg of calcium per each pear.

8. Prunes

In addition to aiding the colon, prunes can offer up 75 mg of calcium in a single cup.

9. Mulberries

Mulberries are not sold in many grocery stores and can be hard to find. It’s a shame too, they contain up to 55 mg calcium in 1 cup. If you can find them, try them, they’re great!

10. Kumquats

Kumquats have a rich flavor, are high in vitamins A and C, and contain up to 12 mg of calcium. These little power pellets can be a great boost.

Getting Enough Calcium is Essential

Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake positively impacts your bone health by providing the essential micronutrients and antioxidants that promote healthy bone formation and good health. Develop a habit of enjoying the fruits on this list, organic when possible. Not only will you experience not only the benefits of calcium, but the other health perks that accompany a diet rich in fresh fruits as well.