10 Genius Beauty Hacks You Need to Know About

It’s time for some more beauty hacks! It’s the little tips and tricks of makeup and beauty that can make it so much fun and they can also save you a lot of time too. So, if you ever wondered how Audrey Hepburn got her eyes to look so alluring, or why you just can’t quite seem to make your foundation look natural, read on, because we have ten new genius beauty hacks for you that you may not have heard of before.

1. Apply foundation to the middle of your face and then blend out

For the smoothest of smooth foundation that looks perfectly natural, start by applying the foundation to the middle of your face and then blend it out to the sides. If you apply a heavy layer of foundation to your hairline or jawline, it can make you look totally unnatural and it could make you like you are wearing a mask.

2. Test how your makeup will look with the flashlight of your phone

When you apply your makeup there is often only one source of artificial light and that is probably coming at you from above. If you want to see what your makeup will look like when the light is hitting you from all angles, use the flashlight in your phone and shine it on your face from different angles. It’s also a good idea to give your makeup a final check in natural daylight too, because that can look very different to makeup under artificial lights.

3. The easy smoky eye

Here’s a neat trick to get smoky eyes, the easy way. First of all, line your eyes with black eyeliner. Then, rub your eyes with your fingertips to smudge the eyeliner and don’t worry too much about how much of a mess it looks at this stage. To finish your easy smoky eyes, use a cotton swab dipped in some moisturiser to smooth out the smudged eyeliner and add a bit of sheen to the look.

4. Know where to spritz your perfume

There are lots of theories as to where the best parts of your body are to apply perfume, but the truth is that you should apply perfume to the parts of your body where it will last the longest and to the parts that will heat up and diffuse the perfume. So, to make perfume last, you should spritz your perfume down your back, into your hair and, to make it diffuse better, apply it behind your ears, on the insides of your elbows, behind your knees and on your wrists.

5. How to cover a pimple

If you want to cover up a pesky pimple and not have it peeking through later in the day, you are going to need to rely on more than just concealer. To really keep a pimple under wraps all day long, apply some foundation first, then some concealer and then cover it all up with setting powder. That way the pimple will stay hidden all day long.

6. Wash your makeup brushes every week

Your makeup brushes pick up oils, grime and germs from your face and that can build up if you don’t keep your brushes clean and it will lead to breakouts. To clean makeup brushes, tap out any loose makeup first and then wash them in a gentle face wash, rinse them, and leave them to dry. With clean brushes, you’ll notice that your makeup goes on a lot smoother too.

7. Use tiny strokes to pencil in your brows

To avoid the Groucho Marks look, use light, short strokes with the eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows. If you use long, hard strokes, right the way across your brow, it will flatten down the hairs and your brows will look too dark and unnatural. Remember too to follow the natural curve of your brow, especially when you are filling in any sparse patches.

8. Separate lashes for a wide awake look

This was apparently Audrey Hepburn’s favourite makeup trick and it made her lashes look natural, even when she was wearing thick mascara. Apply mascara as you would do usually and then very carefully, use a pin to separate each of your lashes. It spreads the mascara smoothly along the full length of the lashes and it gets rid of any clumps.

Audrey Hepburn actually had a makeup artist to do this for her and we doubt she ever had to do it in a rush! Please do be very careful doing this. We don’t want anyone sticking a pin in their eye.

9. Blend foundation with a moist sponge

Before you apply foundation, you should cleanse and moisturise. Then, apply the foundation with a brush, working outwards from the centre of your face. To blend foundation perfectly, roll a damp makeup sponge into your skin, pressing the foundation in as you go. If you dampen the sponge first, it will be softer and it won’t absorb the foundation.

10. How not to over extend the tail of your brows

To stop your brows looking like they drooped at the ends, you need to be careful not to over extend the tails. To find the perfect end to the tails of your brows, hold a brow pencil to your face, lining up one end with your nostril and the other with the outer corner of your eye. Where the pencil crosses your brow bone is where your eyebrows should end.