12 Favorite Braid Hair Tutorials

Hair tutorials are more interesting when they include pictures that allow you to better understand how to do hairstyles. If you want to try something new but you have no idea how to do it, these tutorials can help you. We have picked 12 new hairstyles for you to practice.

Reverse Braided Bun Hair

Reverse Braided Bun looks romantic and dreamy when your hair is glowing, which can be achieved if you apply avocado hair mask regularly. This hairstyle is perfect for a date. Do not forget to complete it with hairspray.

Fishtail Braid

To prevent hair loss when making this hairstyle, don’t pull your hair too hard. To make Fishtail Braid, separate your hair in two even halves. Start with large sections, and do not forget to secure it with a hair tie when you finish.

Topsy Fishtail Braid

If you are fond of voluminous hairstyles, you should try Topsy Fishtail Braid. Before you start doing it, make your hair a little wavy.

Half-up Boho Braids

Half-up Boho Braids look really gorgeous. Note: when you start doing this hairstyle, one of the braids should be a little bigger.

Double Fishtail Braid Hair

If you wish to add some accessory to your hairstyle, for example, flowers, then you should try Double Fishtail Braid. Make sure that the flowers poke through the braid.

Pigtail Braids Hair

Pigtail Braids look so simple, but this hairstyle is really flattering. To make it look slightly messy, pull your braid apart after finishing.

Braided Ponytail Hair

Braided Ponytail is perfect for a walk on the beach, especially when it is a little windy. Do this hairstyle to mesmerize your boyfriend.

Twisted Crown Braid

Twisted Crown Braid looks adorable. Do this hairstyle at least once, and you will love it forever. It takes just five minutes to do it.

Easy Half Up Do with an Accent Braid

Wear Easy Half Up Do, and you will be the cutest girl at any party. If you want it to look more polished, hide the hair elastic with your hair.

Lace Headband Braid


If your hair is curly, accentuate it with Lace Headband Braid. A curling wand might help you in case your hair is naturally straight.

Flower Braid Updo

If you wish to look very feminine, try wearing Flower Braid Updo. You can wear it either casually or for some special occasion.

Half Up Pull Through Braid


Half Up Pull Though Braid is extremely easy. It consists of many ponytails wrapped and tied together.