15 Shades of Pastel Pink Hair to Look as Stunning

In our fashionable 21st century, pastel pink hair is a trend that girls from all over the world flaunt with. Ten years ago people would call such ladies outrageous, and now everyone calls them goddesses of a good taste. Of course, this color, like any other, requires a special approach and maintenance. But once you look at one of these gorgeous shades, you won’t be able to say “no”.

Before going for a new color, whether it’s rose gold, bubblegum or popular millennial pink, we all need some inspiration, right? Let us be your own source of inspiring coloring ideas: it’s time to dip in the world of the colors of now. The most irresistible rose hues are waiting to be a part of your look.

Trendy Rose Gold Pink Shade

Rose gold is a treasure for every lady who keeps up with trends. This color is created by hairstylists from above as a beauty gift for us girls. You can find it everywhere: from jewelry to outfits. So why don’t find it on your head? Soft golden hues that melt with pastel pink hair tint create an unbelievable color transition! Such an idea works best for natural blondes with fair skin tones.

Soft Pink Balayage With Wheat Hues

Nothing reveals the variety of pastel pink hair color better than balayage, and this pic is living proof. It’s almost impossible to notice the graduation line from warm pink to wheat toned lighter hue, which actually creates a silky and polished silhouette. But coloring your hair, no matter what color it is, always has its pitfall, as dye causes damage. If you go for a full dyed hair, prepare for permanent deep conditioning to keep your locks alive, healthy, and moisturized.

Metallic Pastel Pink Hair

The best thing about pastel pink hair colors is the way they play with the light when the sun shines down on them. On the one hand, it’s pleasant, a bit faded pink hue with darker roots. But if you look at it from the different angle, you’ll see the multidimensional shining metallic tint that can literally make you blind. This idea will obviously suit blondes, but girls with warm skin tones and dark hair color hair pull it off, too: just don’t forget about the roots.

Sweet And Gentle Amaranth Pink Hair

Whether you’re a brunette that has bleached your hair to dye it pink or you’re a blonde who has decided to go for the rose side of their natural color, there’s something you all have in common: even the sweetest shade of pink can make your hair weak. In this case, conditioning treatment with oils is crucial. It’s OK to sacrifice something for such a pastel, flower-like amaranth shade, but make sure you know how to go back to the healthy hair condition.

Sexy Pastel Pink For Darker Hair Colors

Even though most of the pastel pink hair shades belong to light cuties, nobody says that women with darker hair colors can’t sport it. If you think that soft pink hues will look to drastic, comparing to your warm or medium complexion, here’s a ravishing idea for you: the ends are light, while the base and color on the midway are a bit darkened, which will suit your visible roots and medium or dark skin tone.

Magical Lavender Shade Of Pink

Want to diversify your subtle rose hair color? How about adding some lavender vibes to your base? This shade of pink comes from a violet color family, but it gets on well with all the pastel rose hues. Look how you can mix these matching colors: this soft transition from saturated to light tint is to die for.

Accentuating Pale Light Pink For Blondes

Our natural hair color tends to become boring, sooner or later. But extreme color changes aren’t always a good choice, as sometimes a slight pastel hue over your color will be enough. So here comes an extremely stylish idea to freshen up your blonde locks: a gentle touch of pale light pink, going over the blonde base, is the best pastel hair look ever.

Contrastive Baby Pink Tint For Brunettes

When a brunette is about to change something in her life, she goes for blonde highlights that will emphasize the beauty of her tasteful brown locks. It’s time to be different, girl! Why don’t you show off your awesome hair by getting a baby pink tint? This color is called so because it’s light, pure, and very attractive. Just look at this updo: it wouldn’t look that unbelievable without this color combination.

Delicate Pink Peony For White Blonde Hair

Now, be careful; this idea can literally blow people’s mind. Have you ever seen that delicate and eye-catching white blonde hair color? It will make heads turn not because it’s too bright or saturated; this stunningly shining peony hue does the talking, delicately accentuating the snow-white blonde.

Magnificent Queen Pink Shade

Looking for a pastel pink hair color that will scream that you’re a queen? Well, it’s time to become friends with the queen of the pink color palette – the queen pink shade. It’s a whitish tone of pink with platinum hues that create a noble, stately look. Yes, just like that of a real queen.

Chic Silvery Pink Hair Color

The thing all the girls should keep in mind before going pink is that this color won’t stay long with them. It won’t stay for more than two weeks, to be more exact. All these colors need to be updated at least twice a month, so prepare to see your colorist as often as your friends. For example, if you wash your hair more than three times a week, such pastel shades as this silvery pink hair color will wash out fastly. To make it stay a bit longer, avoid over washing, don’t miss the touchups, consider using conditioners for dyed hair, and incorporate dry shampoo in your maintenance routine.

Champagne Pink Tint

Cheers to enviable looks! This champagne pink tint is salvation for those who are afraid of extra bleaching. If you have virgin hair and start with a lighter base, bringing this color to your life won’t be too harmful: a couple levels lighter can be achieved by permanent color with a higher developer. But remember that if your hair has already experienced hair dye, pre-lightening is inevitable. As for this idea, such a soft, pastel color looks perfect on girls with fair skin tone and light hair color.

Glorious Persian Pink Highlights

There are no pink highlights sexier than these bright, colorful Persian and lavender pink shades paired together. Ladies who want to add some volume and movement to their locks should opt for balayage highlights, and those who want to be in the spotlight should go for this marvelous pink rainbow.

Lovely Light Pink Hair Color

Pink isn’t always too obvious! Sometimes a little touch of pink hue can change your hair color, without having a totally pink look. This light pink hair color is a lovely combination of pale blonde and soft pink base that smoothly becomes lighter at the ends to flatter girls with pale complexions.

Classy Mountbatten Pink Ombre

Do you want your hair color to display two trends at once? Mountbatten pink is the mixture of the popular baby pink and famous pale grey tint. Together, they form a bit velvet pink shade with a greyish accent. Look at this pastel pink hair ombre: the Mountbatten top softly transits to pale pink waves. Isn’t that a look to steal?