Victoria’s Secret Model Workout Routine



Rumour has it that the Victoria’s Secret Angels train as hard as Olympic-level athletes. It’s also reported that Adriana Lima, the longest-running Angel, is the most ‘hardcore’ one when it comes to working out.

So what exactly do the Angels do to look so good for their recent Shanghai show? Here’s a simplified list of their routine:

1. Hitting the gym twice a day

While the Angels exercise almost on a daily basis, they start working out twice a day about a month before the big show. Adriana, on the other hand, starts increasing her workout frequency two months before. This also applies when there are rehearsals – the Angels will just exercise on set.

2. A lot of resistance training

If you’re wondering how Alessandra Ambrosio achieve the body shape she’s known for, her personal trainer revealed that it’s through a lot of resistance training. Resistance bands, and sometimes free weights, were used during squats and lunges to help shape her body.

3. Boxing 80% of the time

This Angel loves to box. Adriana said that 80% of her gym sessions are spent on boxing, which helps tone her arms and core. Many people don’t know that you need to activate your core every time you punch. The energy doesn’t just come from the moving arm, but from the whole body as coordinated by your core muscles.

4. Ballet helps too

Not many would consider this a form of exercise, but many models and actresses swear by it – especially the classes at Ballet Beautiful. Ballet Beautiful teaches workout methods inspired by ballet poses and movements, with the aim of increasing flexibility. A lot of stretching and strength is involved, so the results are pretty similar as to that of yoga and pilates.

5. Cardio all day, err-day

It’s the best way to burn fat and lose calories. Apparently most of the Angels always have a jump rope with them, simply because it’s the easiest cardio exercise they can do anywhere, anytime. Got some spare time before a press conference but there’s no gym nearby – jump rope. In between rehearsals – jump rope.

6. Work those abs

If you were to walk the runway dressed only in a set of lingerie and wings, you’ll definitely want to do with with a flat tummy. A flat and toned one, preferably. For that, spot training for abs is recommended by the Angels’ trainer. Besides that, it also helps with your posture.


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