New Study Reveals What The ‘PERFECT WOMAN’ Looks Like

We all might have an idea of what our ‘perfect woman’ looks like, but a new study has revealed exactly what men think is the ideal female.

The study revealed what men really want from a lover by creating a 3D image of the ideal female body and placed it alongside the average lady.

The Today Show asked graphic designer Nickolay Lamm to produce images showing the most desirable female figure based on findings from previous research.

The artist then created a picture of the average woman’s body to stand next to the “dream” girl.

On the left is the ‘perfect’ woman and on the right is a realistic portrait of the average woman

The image above shows us the ideal woman, according to men and women who took part in the study.

The fantasy female had a slim hourglass figure with big boobs and a BMI which was in the normal range but close to the underweight category.

On the right is the average woman’s body which was more pear-shaped with a smaller bust and bigger hips.

When woman were asked what they believed was the ‘perfect woman’ there wasn’t too much difference in thinking with their male counterparts, but ladies preferred bigger boobs than men did.

“We were a bit surprised,” researcher Martin Tovée said. ”

It is possible that the female participants were exaggerating a feature they felt was particularly important.”

Both men and women also opted for an ideal woman with a slimmer figure.

Experts reckon that we base our bodily preferences on what appears to look healthy and fertile.

But many believe that our perception of the perfect body is based more off of our culture, particularly media, than genes or evolution.

Kerri Johnson, associate professor at UCLA, explained: “Our mental representation of the average woman is more extreme than anything you will see in Vogue.

“And this happens by age five. At some point you’d think that a very small waist-to-hip ratio would be seen as unnatural and unattractive, but we have not hit that lower boundary.

“In fact, people tell us they look natural and very attractive even when shaped like Barbie.”